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jiao yang magnetic soft screen door

The magnetic soft curtain can be easily put down to avoid hurting people

Author:ANHUI JIAOYANG SOFT DOOR CO LTD Source:home station  Release time:2020-08-13  Page view:158


The magnetic soft curtain can be easily put down to avoid hurting people

Magnetic soft curtains are replaced with thick magnetic soft curtains in summer in some public places such as hospitals and supermarkets to keep warm. These strip-shaped curtains can not only reduce air convection, but also

facilitate entry and exit, and are economical. But in the process of use, there will be artificial hazards.

A woman took her little granddaughter to the outpatient building of the hospital. When she entered the door, the child was hit by the soft magnetic curtain thrown by the person in front of the door. The magnetic curtain had a magnetic strip and was very heavy. It bounced on the skin like a penalty. Especially in places such as hospitals and supermarkets, there are often patients or elderly people with limited mobility, young children have no sense of self-protection, and supermarket customers are overwhelmed with large bags and are vulnerable to "attack."





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