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jiao yang magnetic soft screen door

How to hang magnetic soft curtains more firmly

Author:ANHUI JIAOYANG SOFT DOOR CO LTD Source:home station  Release time:2020-08-19  Page view:230


How to hang magnetic soft curtains more firmly?

In order to make the magnetic soft curtain hang more firmly, we generally use mounting accessories

1. Magnetic soft curtain pushpin:

Thumbtacks are usually used for wooden door frames or cement walls (concrete walls are usually slightly taller and difficult to nail).
Disadvantages: the installation of pushpins will damage the door frame, there will be small holes in the nails, and the curtain is used there, and it is not easy to remove when needed.

Magnetic soft curtain pushpin
2. Velcro

Industrial jargon is called female son. These are the types of accessories commonly used in luggage and clothes. It is divided into male and female sides: one side is thin fibers, and the other side is elastic fibers with thorns.
The curtain can be installed with Velcro adhesive. The Velcro adhesive is based on traditional Velcro and is coated on the back to cover plastic and metal surfaces.
Advantages: easy to install, no damage to the door frame, suitable for different types of door frames, flat and uneven door frames. Disadvantages: magnetic curtain
In the middle, the weight is usually heavy, and the carrying capacity of Velcro is poor, and curtains are also very suitable. Requirements for use: They should be fixed on a clean and tidy door frame. If the surface of the wall is required, the surface of the wall will not crack the powder and will not produce moisture.
The wall covering is not easy to replace.





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